Best Moment in Time

My past week has been fabulous and entertaining. It was the most exciting moment of my life. My birthday celebration was on Thursday, 20th June. It was my best birthday celebration. This is because I was surrounded by positive people and intelligent entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurs were so knowledgeable and therefore I obtained valuable information about businesses and life. This helped me to renew my goals. Most importantly I am grateful to my two sisters and my daughter for making my birthday fun and memorable.

How I Celebrated My Birthday
We celebrated my birthday by going to three restaurants within Washington, that offer my favorite foods. We started off by going to “Milk & Honey “restaurant for a taste of their burger. The burger was served with shrimp and bacon. The burger was properly seasoned thus making it very delicious.

We then proceeded to Lauriol Plaza. The restaurant offers Mexican cuisines. I ordered my favorite Mexican dish and then we proceeded to a Kenyan Restaurant. .The Kenyan restaurant is widely known for its famous dish that is “samaki wa mchuzi”. There was no way I could let my birthday pass without satisfying my craving for a Kenyan made fish. The fish was so delicious and I enjoyed it fully.

My Birthday Dress
I purchased my floral birthday dress from Ross. The dress was cost was below $100. When I went to Ross searching for a birthday dress, the floral dress that was placed at the dressing area caught my attention. However, I was not certain whether it would fit me perfectly due to its size. I decided to fit the dress and to my surprise, it fit me perfectly. I have been receiving a lot of compliments whenever I wear the dress.

To conclude, it`s good to live a happy and joyful life filled with love and excitement. Everybody has problems and troubles. However, despite your tribulations and sorrows, there is also happiness, joy, and victory as well. This is why you should strive to “live your life” each day.