Benefits of Praising God

Apart from the past week and weekend being extremely valuable to me, it has also given me exceptional spiritual healing. The power of prayers has made my life decisive and purposeful. Over the years, I have not gone through the best in life, but I thank God for helping me overcome difficulties on the way. In some instances, God makes us go through obstacles in life to learn from them. With the knowledge acquired in these instances, you can encourage and assist others overcome their problems. How beautiful and pleasing it is when one does an important task that makes a huge difference in the lives of other individuals. Every one of us is obligated to make a big or small difference in other people’s lives. 

Why You Need Prayers in Your Life 

God has given us 24 hours a day, and He only needs you to pray and worship Him for only two hours from that twenty-four hours. Prayers allow you to receive answer from God, receive His power, hear what He wants you to do, get anointing, get knowledge, get wisdom, get blessings, get understanding, get grace, as well as favors. Imagine yourself getting all these benefits by only dedicating two hours in a day to worship and give thanks to Him. The Scripture of Psalms 91:1-2 tells us that, ‘We will be saved a lot of needless anxieties by turning to God and trusting in Him.’


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