What Is Life As A Single Mother’s

Being a single mom is not easy, you go through bouts of happiness, devotion, never-ending love, fatigue, impatience, hopelessness, insecurity, and the list are never-ending. It’s a difficult journey; only the strong survive. 

 Living life as a single mom has been very difficult for both me and my daughter, the endless hours of crying. You never knew the pain that single mothers goes through until you become one. We all make bad decisions in our lives and need to step up to the plate when thrown curveballs. It helped end my future college endeavors and turned into a bittersweet person. 

 Single mothers don’t get enough credit, enduring years of stress, worried, and pain. Not to mention; trying to find employment or a decent babysitter. It wears you down and tiresome, there are a lot of positive traits that go along with single motherhood. Watching them grow and bond with you. Seeing him/her off to that first day of school. The best friend who looks up to you and asks for advice. Those joyous occasions and birthdays spent in celebration; and so much more.

 What it comes to being a single mother; you’ve got to make the best of things. Always make time for yourself, like setting a set schedule to relax and unwind. I work 6am-2pm: My daughter school schedule 9am-4pm. After-school program from 4pm-6pm. I’m grateful to have two lovely sisters who help me every morning dropped my daughter to the school bus, while I’m at work. Things I do after work: Read the bible, write on my journal, reading an inspirational book, play soft music, dance, and do some workout. I try to go to different places to occupy my two hours of me-time. The weekend is a mommy and daughter time; we go to chuck-cheese, chick-fil-A, Dave & Buster, playground, and many more. Activities like these, help with anxiety, stress, build a good relationship with your children; because when mommy happy children happy.

The road may be rough in the beginning but it is well worth it. When all’s said and done, you have endless love, joy, peace, and fulfillment in life. My daughter is everything to me and I cherish every moment we spend together; Having the title of a single mother isn’t tragic. It is a true Blessing.


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