Create your own beauty

Braided was one my favorite thing to do, growing up, loving what you do is the best feeling in the world. I always looking for the best style that fit perfectly on me. June is a very special month, because it’s my birthday month, there is this saying, save the best for last, yes I surely do save the best for last. Every years I choose different hair style to celebrate my birthday. This year I choose the Lulutress water wave. Some of the things I love about the Lulutress water wave are the soft texture, very very unique natural luster, eassy styling, long lasting natural curl and affordable price. Its definitely pulled out the beauty in you.

My daughter love taking pictures of me, she said mommy I can be your photographer and you be the model🌟 My beautiful daughter took this beautiful pictures of me. I’m a proud mother 🤛 I hope you enjoy looking at this pictures, as much I enjoy looking at it🙌


Live beyond your budget

Being a single mother has taught me how to live beyond my budget, as a mother, I can’t afford to buy expensive things like I used to buy, when I wasn’t a mother, now, that I’m a mother. I buy things beyond my budget. You can still look beautiful and elegant by not buying expensive things. I love to dress, and love to look good. I learn to put things together that look expensive and elegant. My total outfits, the cost is less than $100. I wanted to share my journey with every single mother, or anyone that has difficulties to live beyond their budget. You can still look expensive by shopping at less expensive stores. I’m here to help some women feel comfortable in their own skin.

Shirt: ! Pan:!

Fascinator Hat

I can’t get enough of this fabulous hat from Impression boutique. This hat is perfect for cocktail party, costume party, bridal party, wedding, church,and tea party. The thing that pull this hat the most, is the beautiful flower net. The hat is amazing because it’s not big enough to cover the whole of your head but to give that model look. If you wanted to stand out from the crowd and be the most beautiful, and likable among the crowd wear this hat.Impression boutique

Black Fit

Hello, everyone, it is amazing to be back; I been gone for some time. I’m happy to be back; I haven’t been doing a lot of posts, moving forward. I’ll be posting every Wednesday. I’m excited to share my journey with my beautiful friend’s all over the world. May your day filled with joy and happiness.

Fun night with my friends

Today is a fabulous day and beautiful weather. I was able to spend time with my friend; we end up in Chinatown in Washington DC beautiful communist with so much beauty, clothing store, and Delicious food. I had a wonderful time.

Dress:Rainbow! Boot: Justfab